About Us

NaturalPower, Amazingly good taste

How did it all begin?

Sometime in 2015, Sandile Ngozwana and Lincoln Phakisi were sitting in the small office of their convenience store in Benoni. Why don't we become suppliers and not just resellers of products, they wondered? After brainstorming a number of options, they settled on energy drinks. But from the beginning, they were clear that it should not be just "another" energy drink, they wanted a healthier, tastier energy drink. Something different!

The search

The word was spread among their partners, and product samples started coming in from as far afield as South Korea, The Philippines and Brazil. And yet nothing stood out in look, feel, ingredients and most importantly, taste.

The eureka moment

Then one day, a message came in from Drs Skhumbuzo Ngozwana and Roberto Raggi, who were in Italy meeting pharmaceutical companies. 


"We found it!".

After what seemed like forever, the first pictures of the green can came through. These were followed by a glowing product report from the two medics. They had accidentally found GO&FUN during their meeting with Dr Roberto Valducci of Valpharma. At the conclusion of their meeting, the pair casually mentioned that they were also looking for an energy drink. To their surprise, Dr Valducci excused himself and came back with a few well-chilled cans of GO&FUN. Unbeknownst to the good medics, Valpharma had recently acquired Erba Vita, the company that made GO&FUN!

The first sip

A few days later, Dr Skhumbuzo Ngozwana arrived at OR Tambo International to an unusually large reception party, bolstered by Messrs Ngozwana and Phakisi. As soon as Dr Ngozwana appeared through the arrivals area, the pair relieved him of the precious cargo and were soon on their way to Benoni, where, after chilling the beverage, they proceeded to gingerly crack open one can. They took their first sips, and, at that moment, without a word being said, they both knew that they would be bringing GO&FUN to South Africa.