GO&FUN is a natural, Green Energy Drink made only with natural ingredients to give you a healthy alternative with an amazingly good taste! 

Thanks to its plant extracts that reduce mental and physical fatigue, GO&FUN Green Energy Drink is positive energy, good for you at any time of the day or night.

GO&FUN Green Energy drink is made with the following natural ingredients:

Guaranà - useful to face a lunch date with grandma after 5 hours of partying hard!

Ginseng - to recover the desire to go out after 8 hours of study, 2 hours of gym and 1 hour of traffic!

Matè - to remain dynamic in front of the boss or awake during those boring school lessons!

Rhodiola - to help you remember the important things, the pizza break with your aunt, the parties and mom's birthday!

Green Tea - to neutralise the negative effects of stress and to remain Cool&Fun!

Providing you with the energy boost necessary to overcome physical and mental fatigue.  NaturalPower, AmazinglyGoodTaste!

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