What do you mean by natural energy drink?


By natural energy drink we mean that the core ingredients of GO&FUN Green Energy come from natural, plant-based sources. This is as opposed to products which use artificial ingredients to give the products their flavours, colours and to preserve them. ​It is important to note that GO&FUN is a pasteurised product and contains no preservatives. 

What do you mean caffeine from natural sources?
We get our caffeine from green tea, Guarana and mate' as opposed to using synthetic caffeine. The difference is that natural caffeine is absorbed more gradually into the body, resulting in a sustained energy release rather than a big energy spike, followed by a "crash" which you get from synthetic caffeine.​
Where can I buy GO&FUN?
You can get GO&FUN Green Energy drink and GO&FUN Isotonic Sports drink in Caltex Freshstop and Caltex StarMart stores countrywide; Total Forecourt and BP Express stores; most Food Lovers Market supermarkets; some Spar and Tops at Spar stores; selected pharmacies; selected liquor outlets, as well as some Engen, Shell, Puma, Vooma, MBT forecourt stores. To find a store near you, check the map https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cR2U4h54jeMfFiZ6O6pkMglcugD4VsGZ&usp=sharing 
GO&FUN Green Energy drink brochure
GO&FUN Isotonic Sports drink brochure
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